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Welcome to Day #1 of

Literacy: Every Child, Every Adult

My name is Dan Smith and I will be your host for the next six days as we explore the opportunity to help transform the lives of children and adults in Kouve, Togo, West Africa. 

Togo, officially known as the Togolese Republic, is in western Africa. It is a country 22,000 square miles (roughly the size of West Virginia) with a population of 8,072,000. It’s capital city is Lomé and is located on the Atlantic coast at the far southwest end of the country. Togo’s official language is French but it has more than 30 ethnic groups, each with their own language.

The village of Kouve is 72 miles north and east of Lomé. That is where Victor and Joel called home before immigrating to Iowa.

Since they arrived here in the United States, they have been passionately developing a nonprofit, Bonding With Children Foundation, to help support the lives of their friends and families back home in Kouve. They have taken on the challenges of education, health, agriculture, and clean water in Togo, and refugee resources here in the US.

Our campaign, “Literacy, Every Child, Every Adult”, presents the opportunity for you and me to assist the Bonding With Children Foundation as they address the challenges of education.

That will be our next topic!


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