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Tree Planting Transforms Lives

by Victor LATE, President Bonding with Children Foundation Teck tree planting has transformed families' lives and opened their minds to reforestation.  The Bonding with Children Foundation sent me to Kuvé in May 2018 to help raise parent awareness about the importance of trees so they can instill that knowledge in their children. The need for reforestation was also a part of the mission. I taught the students in their classroom about the different parts of a tree, their role in our environment, and why one needed to plant trees. They enjoyed the lecture. As for their parents, we gathered them under a tree in the village square and presented to them the importance of trees and reforestation. 

Water for the Kuvé Community

by Komlan Koudadje, Vice-President Bonding with Children Foundation Bringing water back to the Kuvé community is probably not the biggest challenge Bonding with Children Foundation ever faced but it still is a great accomplishment that warms our hearts. My name is Komlan. I'M 42 years old. In 2016, I met Victor at a Walmart in Des Moines, Iowa. Victor was a classmate of mine in high school. I was glad to see him again after 20 years.Together we decided to pool our resources and work on some projects as a nonprofit. Our very first project took us to Kuvé, a village of about 2,000 people. It was in May, 2018. Our team had received a warm welcome from the village chief popularly known as Togbé.  The chief gathered almost everyone in the village for the event.  Our presence there at that time was to distribute clothes and school supplies. Kids were smiling and jumping joyfully.  The Chief however expressed  his concern about the need of clean water and drinking water i